SoftAge Family

Access your health record anywhere an internet connection is available.
Capture and tranmit up-to-date health information between you and provider.
Manage your entire family's health record from one device.

Download the App

Communicate with your doctor through your mobile device.
Your Patient Health Record is always with you in case of emergencies.
Available on Android, iOS, and windows platforms.

Manage Your Health

Share your fitness activities and vital signs with your physician to optimize your health.
View lab results, request medications, schedule appointments, and more.
Easily transfer your medical records with your Medical ID.

Go Mobile.

  • Communicate with your doctor
  • Have your Personal Health Record with you at all times
  • Pay your bill from your smartphone

Take Control of Your Health

SoftAge Family is taking patient engagement to a new level. Now you can have your medical record readily available and interact with your physicians using your mobile device and fitness watches. Share desired parts of your medical records with any physician using an Electronic Health Record system.

Online Appointments

Schedule appointments with your provider as well as update any changes demographic information.

Prescription Refills

View and manage your prescriptions and know when there are potential drug or allergy interactions.

Track Your Health

Monitor your daily fitness activities and vital signs through FitBit, Apple Watch, and other activity tracking devices.

Your Health Records

Each patient has their own health record which encompasses all of their encounters, medications, lab results, and more.

Mobile App

Your doctor is easily accessible through the SoftAge Family app available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.


Communicate with your physicians to request refills, referrals, and more in addition to informing them with health updates.

Medical ID

Each patient is given a unique Medical ID that can be used to view, receive, and authorize secured transfer of your records.

Online Payments

It is easy and secure to view and pay your statements online using many convenient payment methods.

Education Material

Reliable health information from certified agencies is available at all times to improve your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions (5)

All you need to know about your SoftAge Family account.

Other Questions (7)

The answers for the most common questions are below.

A Patient Health Record (PHR) is a health record where health information and data related to a patient and their care is maintained by the patient. Information can come from a multiple sources, including health care providers and patients themselves. This record is separate from the record that is at your doctors office, but some of this information can be shared between the parties if the sending party allows the information to be shared. Health information stored in a Patient Health Record often contains problem lists, medications, lab results, vitals, allergies, and more.
To request a medication refill through the patient portal, click on the "..." from your dashboard and click "Medications". Find the medication that you need a refill on and click "Request Refill". Here you can choose the pharmacy that you want it sent it or any other notes related to this medication.
A Medical ID is a unique identification number to you which allows for any doctor using a certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to send parts of your medical record to you. Simply give the Medical ID to your doctor and they will send your health information to your SoftAge Family account if they aren't using SoftAge Health. Now you can manage your Personal Health Record from one location instead of having multiple patient portals all with their own PHR.
Yes, you can view and pay your bill online. If you choose to receive your statements through the patient portal you will get a notification that a statement is available for you to view. You can use any major credit card to pay your bill.
If you have a life threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1. The SoftAge Family patient portal should not be used for emergencies.The response time for message communication is completely dependent on the doctor and their workflow. They will get to answering your question as the time permits. As a general rule, if you do not hear back within 48 hours, please call your Doctor's office to check on the status of your message.
To view your lab/procedure results or orders, click on the "..." from your dashboard and choose either the "Lab Results" or "Procedures" tab to view. You can print the order requisition from your computer or provide the barcode from the requisition on your mobile phone at the Lab.
Yes, you can share information with your doctor like vitals, demographic updates, patient history, allergies, and more. We are currently working on integrations with fitness devices and SoftAge Family with a means of transferring this information to your doctor.